Top 5 Small Business Technology 2017

Hey, World! A huge number of small business depends upon the technology to increase their expense, growth, efficiency, grow profitability and improve performance. Today we are going to talk about Small Business Technology.

Top 5 Small Business Technology 2017

1. Use Of Mobile Phones

Use of mobile phones is very important as no technology has gained growth more quickly than mobile. Mobile phones are the most frequently used technology these days even in businesses or any other work. Small businesses can be expanded using mobile-friendly websites and apps as the most of the traffic on a website is through mobile phones. Another way a phone can be used to expand small businesses is to accept payments using mobile phones.

2. Use Of Chatbots

chatbots are the computer programs that use artificial intelligence to facilitate conversation with humans. Most Companies both large and small are beginning to use the power of chatbots for customer service and other uses, such as finding products, providing shipping notifications, pinpointing business locations and more.

3. Live Chat to Provides Real-time Customer Service

2017will be the year when successful companies will shift their focus away from customer service to customer success that means helping customers reach their goals as soon as possible. They are planning do so online, using a variety of digital technologies including text/SMS, social media, chatbots and live help.

The technology remains familiar with the Live help technology which is in use for several years. A widget will be in the lower-right-hand corner of the website with an agent on standby waiting to engage with the customers in real-time at the moment of need, to answer questions, provide guidance and recommend products or resources tailored to the individual customer. The users can use this anytime they want.

Live help has been integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) that will make live help smarter, transforming customer support into a self-service mechanism. AI will work seamlessly with customers and learn from them as the interaction progresses. It can also assist human agents by giving them time to address more complex issues that AI alone cannot solve.

4. Business heading towards cloud

The use of on-premise software and hardware is going in a better direction due to the availability of cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based solutions offer greater scalability, security, efficiency and flexibility regarding access than their on-premise counterparts.

5. Cyber Security Ranked Number One Challenge

when a Small business that relies on technology grows, the sensitive information needs to be secure and protect. So small businesses rank cybersecurity as their number one challenge. Meeting that challenge requires the use of holistic, end-to-end, rules-based solutions. It prevents identity compromise, secures apps and data and safeguards infrastructure.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this post. These are the Top 5 Small Business Technology that can be used to grow small business

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