The Road Rash Is Coming Back As Road Redemption

Hey, World! This may be the best news for many gamers because we all loved road rash when we were kids and we have been waiting for a new version of road rash with high graphics and other things. Well, the wait is over now, The Road Rash Is Coming Back As Road Redemption on 4 October 2017.

The Road Rash Is Coming Back As Road Redemption

About Road Redemption

Road Rash Is Coming Back As Road Redemption

Road Rash Is Coming Back As Road Redemption

Like Road Rash, Road Redemption is going to a bike racing combat game being developed by Pixel Dash Studios. The game will be similar to Road Rash with some high graphics, more weapons and game modes. We can say it is Road Rash Remastered but not only remastered it also features new game modes as well as weapons and other things. The will release on 4 October 2017 for PC, OS X and Linux. The game will release for PlayStation and Xbox in 2018.

Gameplay Of Road Redemption

Road Rash Is Coming Back As Road Redemption

Road Rash Is Coming Back As Road Redemption

The gameplay of Road Redemption will be similar to that of Road Rash with advanced graphics and gameplay mechanics. Road Redemption features more melee weapons than Road Rash and in addition, Road Redemption also features firearms and variety of explosives. The game also features 4player campaign split screen gameplay as well as co-op and competitive mode. There are a variety of bike, weapons, firearms and explosives to choose from. The player can also switch between weapons during the gameplay. There are multiple ways to kill/eliminate your opponent. To win the race cross the finish line first or be the last man standing. The police officers are also featured in the game to stop you or slow you down. We all loved the gameplay of Road Rash, so obviously we are going to love the gameplay of  Road Redemption. The player can also upgrade different skill, bike, character, weapons using the cash they earn during gameplay.

Final Thoughts

The game is going to very awesome and the gamers will go insane as we have been waiting for this moment from almost 10years and finally we will get the chance to play road rash with high graphics and more weapons including firearms and explosives. I can’t wait to play this game, its one of the most awaited games.



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8 thoughts on “The Road Rash Is Coming Back As Road Redemption”

  1. Rawlings says:

    am not much of a game fan but this game will be great.

    1. Oh hell yeah! This is awesome! I loved Road Rash. This should have happened a long time ago. Great trailer. I’ll be looking for it on Xbox live.

  2. Jack says:

    I was playing in it nice ..I like the news you shared

    1. Mrinank Gupta says:

      Thanks Jack. I really appreciate your comment.

  3. Oh this my PC Best game I really love it thanks for sharing this

  4. Sayantani N says:

    Wow this is really cool.

  5. This game looks interesting. I have never heard of it but my husband may have. I will have to ask him when he gets home from work tonight. It seems like something he might enjoy.

  6. bestgeast #7 says:

    Thank you for writing about road redemption

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